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NEWSFLASH Kittens born 7th April 2024!


Toyger Cattery


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Sondaica is based in the North of the UK on the Cumbria/ Western Dales border, we are a small exclusive cattery working selectively to develop the rare and beautiful Toyger. As a relatively new breed, working with Toygers is interesting, exciting and extremely rewarding.


Breed History

  • Founded in the US by Judy Sugden, Toygers are a completely unique breed. Judy has worked hard to develop the Toyger but without any wild genetics in the bloodline. There is now a small community of Toyger breeders throughout the world, most of whom are following Judy's lead to breed truly domestic cats that have an exotic tiger like appearance. 

  • Toygers are now recognised by TICA and GCCF (UK) and we work towards meeting the standards that are set out by them. Sondaica is fully registered with both TICA and GCCF and is a member of the Toyger Cat Club UK and the Toyger Cat Society (International). All Toyger kittens are registered and come with full paperwork and pedigree certificates.


  • A completely domesticated cat, super intelligent, inquisitive, extremely social with loving and affectionate personalities. Every Toyger kitten is different but one thing is constant, they lots of fun, are never boring and like to rule the roost! 


  • Toygers can be trained to use an exercise wheel, walk with a harness and lead, some can also learn to play fetch like a dog. They are energetic but know when to stop and make superb family pets, both as a singleton or with other cats and animals.

What you need to know about Toyger kittens

  • Kittens are only occasionally available due to us being a small scale cattery. Each Toyger kitten is beautiful with unique variations between each such as face type, depth and shade of base colour, darkness and contrast of stripe.  

  • The breed is still being developed and quite rare, as such some kittens will be closer to the breed standards than others and often it can take a little time for features to develop. Prices are dependant on these factors.

  • Toygers are short haired cats with striped, plush, glittered pelts and grow to be medium in size. We only sell to indoor homes or those with a secure garden or cat proofed area. We do ask screening questions so please try to take the time introduce yourself on the enquiry form.

  • Your kitten will come with: 2- 3 health checks; vaccinations; worming with Panacur at 2-3 week intervals after reaching 1KG; microchip; neutered, registration on the non-active register of either TICA or GCCF (UK) and a 5 generation Sondaica pedigree certificate. Each Toyger kitten will also come with 5 weeks free insurance from Agria.


  • As Toygers are still a breed in development, we rarely sell for breeding and do not sell for this purpose unless to an established experienced breeder, registered with TICA or GCCF and a member of the Toyger Cat Society. We will also not sell females unless you have your own stud boy. *Due to too few unrelated lines we are currently not selling for breeding within the UK*


  • Pet prices can range slightly dependant on how close they meet the breed standards set out by TICA/ GCCF. Please complete the enquiry form for further details.

  • You can have the option to reserve your Toyger kitten at any point but we will only ask for a deposit after their 1st vaccination and health check at 8-9 weeks old.

Enquiry Form


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Visits can be arranged to view kittens after their first vaccinations. As kittens are naturally curious, lively, playful and like to climb, any visitor therefore accepts that they may receive minor scratches during their visit. 

  • Sondaica Toygers
  • Sondaica Toygers
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