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Our Toygers


Tiberius is a handsome, muscular stud boy with great contrast, gorgeous plush coat with rich tones. He has the most sweet natured, affectionate and playful personality. An experienced stud boy who loves his ladies. A true gentle giant.

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Beautiful Callisto (now retired) is a lovely golden toned girl, has striking green eyes with a coat like silk and beautiful contrast. She is playful, inquisitive, affectionate and highly intelligent. She has had some beautiful kittens including Barracuda with Tiberius who she absolutely adores.


Our home grown girl Sondaica Barracuda, is the daughter of Tiberius & Callisto. A rich rufus toned Toyger girl with beautiful silky glittered fur, superb contrast and stunning features. Energetic, intelligent, curious, playful and fun. Definitely one of a kind.

Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa is a stunning rare whited Toyger (white chest/ belly). As beautiful on the inside as the out, she is playful, extremely affectionate and a truly extra special unique girl. With a golden toned, beautiful thick pelt and lovely eyes you can melt into, she has had her first beautiful litter of kittens with Tiberius who loves her as much as we do. We look forward to her next litter in 2024. Please contact to join our waiting list.
  • Sondaica Toygers
  • Sondaica Toygers
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